How To Write A Professional Musician Bio.

How To Write A Professional Musician Bio.

Being great at composing music is not a guarantee that, you would also be great at writing about yourself; so this article serves to help you know how to write a professional musician bio.

What Is A Musician Bio?

A musician bio serves to provide music consumers (fans), with a short story about the life of the person whose music they care about listening to.

You can liken a musician bio to a CV, but the only difference is a CV is written in a listing style; while a musician bio is written in an editorial format.

Why You Need A Professional Musician Bio.

  • To add to the About Me page of your official website.
  • You will need a musician bio to promote your songs on websites, blogs, and streaming platforms.
  • To add to your promo package CD which you will send to radios, TV stations, clubhouses, DJ mixes, etc.
  • When submitting or sending your songs to record labels, you must add your musician bio.
  • A well-written musician bio is capable of turning those who stumble on your music into fans.

Importance Of A professional music Bio.

Professional Musician Bio helps music consumers get a special connection with their favorite musicians.

There is nothing that makes music fans more excited than knowing the background history of their favorite star.

You will hear them narrating it to whoever cares as if they know the artiste one-on-one.

Thus, you must use a musician bio to create a special bond and connection with your potential fans.

What should be included in a musician bio?

Below are the things that must be included in a professional musician bio:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Musical History
  3. Describe Your Music.
  4. Your Highlights And Achievements So Far.
  5. Quotes From Media Personalities.
  6. Updating Your Musician Bio.

1. Introduction.

It is very important to begin your professional musician bio with your real and stage name.

Example: Eventus Okon Known by the stage name Taculia.

Coming at the heels of your stage name should be your birthplace and the town of origin.

If you like, you can be specific about your date of birth, or simply state of origin; how old you are or the year you were born.

Immediately after stating where you come from, follow up your bio with the genre of music and the Superstars who influenced you into choosing that genre.

You can also add other legendary musicians from genres outside yours, who inspire and keep you yearning to make good music.

2. Your Musical History

Everything in the world has a beginning. We were all born on a particular day, week, month, or year.

Therefore, you should let those who come across your music know the year you began making music.

It should not be the year you first went behind the mic to record music. But rather, the year you made the decision to pursue music as a career.

Use this opportunity to let your fans know how it all began.

For instance, if there is a specific person who made you aware of music as a career, mention him or her here.

Take time to also explain the challenges you faced when you began when you write your professional musician bio.

For example, your parents might have been against your decision of being a musician.

State reasons why they oppose you.

Remember, scores of your fans are upcoming artists too, or probably those who gave up music as a career.

Thus, you will help them relate more with you if they are also going through the same thing.

3. Describe Your Music.

One thing music fans don’t like is a musician who doesn’t understand the kind of music he or she is making.

Music consumers are categorized into various genres they are supporting. Therefore you are likely to lose a fan if you try to rap and sing at the same time.

So seize this opportunity to describe the kind of music you make. In order to let your fans know you fully understand what you’re doing.

Secondly, lots of bloggers do not have a sense of sound. So describing your music will help them to just copy and paste and aid their visitors to understand your kind of music.

You can also write about the current plans you have for your music. For example, if you are planning to hit the studio and record a new song.

If you have a big artist you are looking to work with, this is a nice place to let your fans know who the artiste is.

Just select those important and relevant things you have done, or are planning to do with your music and make it known here.

4. Your Highlights And Achievements So Far.

Even if you are just starting out, there sure must be a thing or two, you will accomplish in your music career.

Even if it’s a photo shoot with a superstar or popular band. An interview with a blogger, radio, or TV personality.

Or even a local gig you perform in your area.

Just make a list of all your achievements, then pick a few interesting ones and include them in your musician bio.

5. Quotes From Media Personalities.

Letting your fans know about a media personality who comments on your music or career will lend some professionalism to your bio.

It is a great way of showing what others are saying professionally about your music career as an independent artist.

But if you don’t have one, for now, it’s ok- just keep it in mind and work hard towards having media personalities review and comment on your music.

And once you get that, come back and add it to your bio.

6. Updating Your Musician Bio.

When you finish writing your professional musician bio, always ensure that you update your musician bio whenever you are through with a new project, release, collaboration, upcoming gigs, and tours.

Keep adding new achievements to your musician bio, as your career keeps moving forward.

If you still find it hard to write a professional musician bio by yourself, we can help you write one for an affordable price. If you are interested, use the WhatsApp number below or fill out the form to contact us.