Why Nigerian Upcoming Artists Must Make Freestyle Videos.

In this post, I am going to tell you why Nigerian upcoming artists must make freestyle videos.

And without much ado, let’s quickly look at the reasons why upcoming artists must make freestyle videos in Nigeria.

The main reason why Nigerian upcoming artists must make freestyle videos.

Making freestyle videos is one of the ways an artist can gain so much recognition as well as increase their chances of attracting a record label or sponsors who would help their career see the light of day.

These days, label owners are everywhere on the internet looking for upcoming artists who have the real talent to sign, and one of the criteria for their verification is freestyle videos.

They care less about audio tracks, no matter how good it sounds since they know a voice can be auto-tuned to achieve a great note.

Thus making a freestyle video with a natural voice gives label owners a hundred percent assurance that an artist is naturally talented.

Rema is an example of a Nigerian artiste who was discovered through a freestyle video, and when his boss Don Jazzy was interviewed by ‘The Loose Talk Podcast’ the CEO of Marvin Records said:

“It’s simple, on Instagram, the Prince put out a song, Gucci gang featuring myself and David and the young man did a freestyle to it and tagged us.

That’s how everybody finds every artiste. That’s where anybody that signed any artiste finds them. On Instagram. Tag any artiste, if the person is feeling you… you’ll blow straight up”

However, it’s not that easy for these label owners to just watch your freestyle video when you tag them on Instagram, they need proof that they are not just going to click on the next low-quality video of an upcoming artiste who has no punch lines, vocal rendition and all that.

Most artists have known about this and made freestyle videos but because they upload it in the wrong places those freestyle videos cannot gain much exposure, that is why I decided to create a website that will help upcoming artists upload their freestyle videos where potential record labels and sponsors can visit and pick artiste of their choice.

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