The Cost Of Featuring An Artist In Nigeria.

The Cost Of Featuring An Artist In Nigeria.

This article will help you to understand the cost of featuring an artist here in Nigeria.

What is music featuring?

Music featuring is the process where two or more artists come together to produce a musical project.

It is one of the most significant creative forces that help upcoming artists to become successful in the music industry. As an artist, therefore, it is very important to understand the need for music collaboration and the advantages it has to offer.

The cost of featuring an artist in Nigeria.

Featuring an artist here in Nigeria will cost you around 500,000 (five hundred thousand) to 50,000,000 (fifty million) Naira. This estimation comes on the heels of a viral video by popular Nigerian afrobeat singer Davido saying that he now charges 100,000 which is equivalent to 46 million for features.

Benefits of featuring artists in Nigeria.

Featuring other artists in your song will help you to develop your musical knowledge, expand your fanbase, boost exposure, open opportunities, and generally advance your career in the music industry.

1. Featuring an artist will help you learn new skills and ideas.

The music industry comprises people who have immeasurable skills and talents.

Therefore, working with other talented singers and, songwriters who can contribute complementary skills and ideas will help you to improve your music and musical knowledge.

Just go out there and find those artists, whether fast-rising or superstars, whose role fits the above description and work together to boost your creativity, learn new techniques, share musical ideas, and delve into different areas of the creative process.

And once you do that, you’ll discover how collaboration lightens the workload and helps you to increase your productivity.

You can also try to partner with artists who are excelling in areas outside your specialty. Complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create and learn new techniques.

Featuring other artists will help you to develop your brand, promote your music to fans of that artiste, boost your social media presence, and help you to land bookings for shows.

Also, music featuring will force you to meet up deadlines and avoid procrastination and endless tweaks.

Music featuring presents opportunities for musicians to learn and create. No one person within the industry knows everything about music. Everyone, including you, has something unique to offer. So, when you work with others, you’re teaching and learning simultaneously.

During the process, you will also identify your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths will drive your music, and your weaknesses will allow you to take your music to the next level. Collaboration can encourage you to address limitations and push the boundaries of what you’re capable of musically.

Learning new techniques and putting them into practice also forces you out of your comfort zone as an artist. For instance, try to collaborate with an artist from another genre. And you’ll discover the similarities and differences between the production techniques. You might also discover a love for a new genre you never knew you had.

2. Featuring an artist will help you get feedback on your music ability.

If your goal is to be both a professional music producer and singer, never stop producing and singing for yourself alone.

Featuring other artists will force you to show your music to them, and their criticisms and recommendations will really go a long way in helping you know your weaknesses and strength and how to improve and grow higher.

By allowing others to contribute to your music-making process, you are inherently getting feedback on your music.

This approach will help give you a more well-rounded sense of what’s working and what isn’t.

But one thing you must remember is to keep your ego in check. Don’t take any feedback too personally. The person you’re featuring wants the music to sound good, just like you.

Also, two minds are better than one. Working with other artists can ignite inspiration, trigger ideas, and motivate you to finish a song you’re struggling to complete.

3. Featuring an artist will help you gain fans

Working with other artists will help you to benefit from their musical expertise. For instance, it will expose you to their fan base.

Tapping into the audience of another artist is a great way to reach new fans and expand your exposure. And if the other artist is well-established in the music scene, then the potential reach is even higher.

4. Music features will give you connections.

Collaborating with another artist can also connect you with their industry contacts. Having an extensive network of professionals within the music industry is vital to your success. Expanding your network can also open doors to further opportunities. For example, collaborations could lead to:

  • More gigs and the chance to open for a more prominent artist
  • Connections to record labels and an increased chance of getting signed
  • Opportunities to get your music featured on major music blogs
  • More promotional and marketing opportunities
  • Exposure to larger audiences and a higher chance of getting discovered
  • Getting your music featured on popular Spotify playlists
  • More collaboration opportunities with other artists
  • Increased music sales and licensing opportunities
  • Greater recognition and credibility

Words of advice.

Remember, to be respectful at every step of the featuring process.

Most artists understand relationships don’t always work out creatively, but every relationship should work out in terms of respect.

Having your music career hindered because you’re hard to work with can be devastating. If you have concerns, try working with close friends first. Ask for their feedback and impression of you as a professional.


Music collaborations have really helped so many upcoming artists blow into the music industry.

Especially in this digital era, collaborating with other artists is really easy and accessible.

There are numerous online featuring services, social media, file sharing, and other resources that make it easy to feature online or at long distances.

It’s really encouraging to connect with other artists and develop a collaborative partnership that will advance your music career in the long run.