How To Find A Sponsor For Your Music Career.

How To Find A Sponsor For Your Music Career.

As an upcoming musician, you will always be faced with the problem of how to find a sponsor for your music career.

That is why I commit myself to writing this article and really hope that; it helps you solve this problem once and for all.


Music is business, and so, you can never be a successful musician; if you don’t have the capital to invest in it.

Below are the most important areas you must invest money; in if you really want to become a successful musician.

  1. Get a professional music advisor, who will teach you the TECHNOLOGICAL-KNOW-HOW of the music business.
  2. Pay for studio recording, mixing, and mastering your songs.
  3. Create an avenue to make your songs heard. That is to say, promote your music (both online and offline). You can use the Audiomack playlist for your music promotion.
  4. Shoot official music videos for more exposure.

All these points will require you to invest money.

Therefore, if you are not financially buoyant, you must look for someone who is, and will be willing to invest in your music career.

How To Find A Sponsor For Your Music Career.

1. Make sure you have the talent.

Before you ever set out to find a sponsor for your music career, you must ensure that you have the talent.

Because no music sponsor in this world, will ever be willing to waste his money on an artiste he discovers will not make good returns for his investment.

Even if he might choose to do it out of self-pity, he will need you to be successful so people can know he helps people.

2. Know your targeted sponsor.

One big mistake you will make when trying to find a sponsor is appealing to just anybody you come across.

Some upcoming musicians make the mistake of sending text messages or DM’s, to any influential person they meet online, requesting sponsorship; without seeking to find out if that person has any interest in music at all.

For this reason, you must ensure those you seek out for musical sponsorship are those who have the knowledge of or are willing to invest in the music business.

Secondly, you must not make the mistake of targeting only one person as a sponsor.

Yes! Because it is very dangerous to lay your eggs in one basket.

So you must shortlist, at least 5 minimum and 10 maximum persons, as your potential sponsor. Even before making any move.

3. Who are your potential sponsors?

Like we said in the last point above, don’t look out for people who do not have any musical interests.

But in the same vein, a total stranger you don’t even know might pass for a potential sponsor.

But the best places to look for your music sponsors are your parents, uncles, aunties, extended family members, family friends, well-wishers, prominent people in your community, corporate bodies, politicians, etc.

Before you approach a sponsor.

When I started my own music career, my parents were not in support of the idea at all.

So in 2002, I left the house without their consent; to pursue my career in Lagos city.

Though things did not work out as expected, I was able to record a 4 track demo with DJ Snoop in Oshodi.

And when things got so tough in Lagos and I returned to my hometown; It was that 4 track demo that convinced my parents to give me their full support.

My late father gave me 25,000 Naira. (Which was big money then). So I returned to Lagos and recorded my first studio single titled “How Far”.

I came home again with the single and gathered my relatives and friends to launch it.

After the launch, my mum added 50,000 Naira to the money I realized from the launch.

And that was how I succeeded in recording my first album “Stranjah done enter the game” and became popular in my city.

Why am relating this story is that nobody, not even your parents; will ever support your music career unless they see a positive step you have taken at first.

In essence, your song sample -even if it’s a demo, is what you must present to anyone you want to sponsor your music career.

If you have little funds, you can even go as far as recording an original track. Even if it’s not nice and mastered.

Let your producer make the beat, and allow you to voice over it. And when you finally get a sponsor you can go back for the proper mixing and mastering.

Avoid these mistakes when approaching a sponsor.

Don’t ever make the mistake of approaching anyone for sponsorship, when you have nothing to share as proof that you are musically talented.

Another mistake upcoming musicians make in their sampling songs is to praise potential sponsors.

My dear friend, no one will be moved to sponsor you simply because you praised him or her in your song.

Especially as an upcoming artist that you are.

If they do want such praise, they will pay superstar artists to mention their names in their songs.

Therefore, you have to save your praise for that one person that will naturally accept to sponsor you.

Strategy for approaching a sponsor for your musical career.

By now your demo, or any song sample, you will present to your sponsor should be ready.

And you have also shortlisted the 5 minimum and 10 maximum potential sponsors.

The next thing you will have to do is the packaging.

I call it packaging because, the way you are going to present yourself, is what will compel a wealthy person to agree to sponsor your music career.

Let me tell you one secret, every wealthy person you see is very business conscious, and secondly, the language every business person wants to hear is profit.

And as such, they are never ready to work or associate with people, who will make them lose a penny in their business dealings.

Therefore, before they decide to do business with anyone, they ought to be sure that person knows how to make a profit.

If your parents are wealthy, for instance, they will choose to establish a business for you, rather than sponsor your music career.

All because they don’t understand the nature of the music business.

Thus, presentation matters a lot when approaching anyone to sponsor your music career.

You must be ready to convince that person, you have the TECHNOLOGICAL-KNOW-HOW of the music business.

To this end, there are 2 basic things your sponsor will be eager to know.

  1. How much he is going to invest, and
  2. How he is going to make the money back, with profit?

Believe me, even if it is your parents who are willing to sponsor you. They will be eager to know the profit that will come from the music business.

They might not even want that profit for themselves; but for you to earn a source of livelihood.

As a matter of fact, even if your parents are your potential sponsors, you must be ready to present them with Music Proposal For Sponsorship.


Finally, when you succeed in finding a sponsor for your music career, make sure you work harder to help the sponsor get a return on his or her investment.

Because this will give him or her more to sponsor or help other upcoming musicians.

Never give your sponsor the reason to regret ever staking his money on your head; simply because you were unable to make him see the worth of the money he spent.

Finally, after finding a sponsor, you need to write a proposal to prove to him that you really know what you want from your musical career.

Read the article below and learn how to do so.