How To Blow Up An Upcoming Musician In Nigeria.

How To Blow Up An Upcoming Musician In Nigeria.

In this article, I am going to show you how to blow up an upcoming artist in Nigeria through press coverage.

Press coverage is one easy way for an upcoming musician to enter the spotlight and get big, but it’s rather unfortunate that 99% of upcoming musicians in Nigeria do not even know what press coverage is, safe to say use it to blow their musical career very fast.

Therefore, I am going to reveal to you in this article, how to blow up an upcoming musician in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world through press coverage

But before we go into the details of this article, let us first and foremost seek the meaning of press coverage.

What is press coverage?

Press coverage means news reports.

It is a process where media houses write about or relate stories on what is happening in the life of a personality, whom we usually refer to as a celebrity.

One press coverage can give individuals several press coverages because once media houses begin to carry the news of a personality, especially in this digital age, they will be looking out for him every now and then to see exciting stories they can pick from his social media accounts.

And the personality will become more and more popular as the public keeps reading about him or her every now and then.

Reviewing celebrity’s press coverage.

Most times, celebrities realizing the need of staying in public view will even go as far as sharing controversial stories on their social accounts, with the hope that media houses (or what we know in the modern day as bloggers) pick up the story and make it go viral.

Take, for instance, just last week Annie Idibia made a post on her Instagram account about her husband, 2Baba sharing the same roof with one of his baby mamas, Pero.

Immediately after the story became life, Charles, a younger brother to 2baba started out at Annie accusing her of collaborating with her mother to use juju on her brother.

And before we could say, Jack, bloggers had duplicated the stories on their blogs and the Idibia’s and Macaulay’s have been in the public’s view ever since.

Another celebrity press coverage that dominated the media was Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and Prince Kpokpogri relationship which ended just 3 months after.

Every celebrity you see today became popular and continues to grow popular as a result of often press coverage.

Therefore it should be your aim as an upcoming artiste to get press coverage on media houses like blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, etc.

How to get press coverage.

1. Join and be active on social media platforms.

The present world we are living in is digitally global, and every individual can get their own space for free by joining any or several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Therefore, your first step towards getting press coverage is to join and be active on social media platforms, by creating consistent content which centers on your personal life, that is to say, create and publish posts on what is going on in your personal life.

I have studied the social media platforms of so many upcoming musicians in Nigeria and came to realize that the only time they post is when they have a new single, EP, or album out, or better still make a new freestyle, viral, or cover video.

And this is very wrong!

Most of them will even perform in big-time shows but fail to announce it on their social media platforms beforehand, not to talk of uploading video footage of it on their social accounts afterward.

We are all human beings and so many things are happening in our lives every day, and as a celebrity, you are aiming to become, you must make sure you share most, if not all; of those moments with the public via your social media platforms.

Sometimes you can even go beyond the border by making up stories you know will attract the public’s attention.

2. Reach out to media houses.

Since you are an upcoming musician, don’t wait for your story to attract media houses because you won’t generally have the luck of a blogger following your social accounts, therefore you have to reach out to them.

When reaching out to them don’t request them to cover you for free because if you do they may ignore you, since they know your story will not attract many visitors for now nor rank high on search results, which is the number one way we direct traffic to our blogs.

So when you reach out to them try to beg them about the amount you can offer, and if you are lucky to hit a deal then you are gone for real.

Also, do not bid a price for a single press coverage, rather negotiate on how they will be following you up and picking stories on your platforms from time to time.

Now one secret I want to reveal to you in the blogging business is that most blogs usually pick their stories from a particular blog.

This means that if you can get press coverage from a particular blog that 10 other blogs pick stories from, then consider your press coverage appearing in more than 20 blogs; and you know how wide that will help you go.

But even with that, don’t depend on seeking coverage from just 1 blog, rather if you can get up to 10 blogs giving you press coverage, and you are lucky to have 5 blogs that have 10 blogs adopting stories from them, then you can do the maths on how wide your press coverage will go.

Lest I forget, make sure you always alert those media houses you have a deal with of your new stories, so they could pick it up and coverage for you.

How to contact media houses

In case you don’t know how to contact media houses, visit their websites or blogs and go to their Contact page where you can pick out their numbers to call or send them an email, or better still submit your request through a contact form.

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