BBNaija: What I Learnt After Taking Break From Social Media – Peace Reveals.


Reality TV personality Peace Ogor has claimed that social media makes it simple for people to feel inadequate and full of self-doubt.

Ogor, who recently took a sabbatical from social media, said the opportunity allowed her to reassess her strategy and give herself the motivation she needed to keep going.

She stated after recounting her experience, “I learned that we all need a vacation! It’s energizing. Social media has an even faster pace than the real world. Because of this, self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy are very simple to develop. But that break offered me the space I needed to rethink my strategy and give myself the motivation I needed to keep it going.

“For me, it was a combination of spending time with my family, getting enough rest, working harder, planning, and executing. You’ll quickly discover that it wasn’t all rest when you see what I came up with.

The media influencer claimed that many women were seriously harmed by the phenomena and urged her throngs of fans, particularly women, to end toxic and violent relationships.

However, she cautioned women to always be watchful for indicators of abuse or poisonous behavior in their relationships.

“I just performed a sketch about this subject with several friends, and we can all agree that it’s delicate due to the potentially harmful power that it carries,” Ogor added. It takes time for abusive and toxic relationships to end; they can be physical, sexual, or emotional.

“It is nurtured and 98% of the time it is intentional. Unfortunately, as a woman our gender is

The majority of people are affected by this phenomenon, which means we must always be vigilant in order to spot trends at an early stage. Once the warning flags are seen, physically leave the relationship and don’t turn around.

Describing her experience during the BB9ja show as a bitter-sweet one, the reality TV star said she had been exploring the opportunities she got after taking part in the show.

“The fame that comes with the BB9ja show I had a bitter-sweet experience with and this is because it’s such a trade-off. The downside is losing 95% of your privacy while the upside is the access you get. This access creates room for endless opportunities and for me the compromise is worth it,” she said.